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Temple Infographics


2012 Temple Infographic
2012 Wordless Infographic
Both as a Zip File

Alternate Download 2012


2013 Temple Infographic
2013 Wordless Infographic
Both as a Zip File

Alternate Download 2013


2014 Temple Infographic
2014 Wordless Infographic
Both as a Zip File

Alternate Download 2014


2015 Temple Infographic
2015 Wordless Infographic
Both as a Zip File

Alternate Download 2015


2017 Full Resolution TIFF
2017 Scaled JPG
2017 Scaled JPG
2017 vertical
Both as a Zip File

Alternate Download 2017

Moroni Infographics

Moroni Faces East 2018
Moroni Direction 2017
Moroni Faces East 2017
Moroni Faces East 2015
Moroni Faces East
Know Your Moroni Field Guide (desktop)
Know Your Moroni Field Guide (Tablet)
Which Statue Quick Reference

Alternate Downloads

Construction Infographics

Temple Construction Timeline

Alternate Downloads

12 thoughts on “Downloads”

  1. I can’t seem to get any thing to down load. Is there some software that I need to do so. When I can get it to down load the files don’t do anything when opened.

    Thanks for your help

  2. Do you sell the 3d art I would like to run some on my cnc router. thanks Bill

  3. Im really so glad that I found your site. I have been long searching for 3D file of temples, particularly our Cebu Temple. Is there a way I can get a copy of your 3D file?

    Thank you.

  4. I downloaded your 2017 full res tif. Amazing Work!! (There is one mistake I found. You accidentally list the Sacramento Temple twice. The one next to it should be labeled the Helsinki Finland Temple, not the Sacramento Temple.)

  5. Thank you for all the long, hard work you have put into this. My head is spinning. I did notice a couple of temples misnamed, but that certainly does NOT take away from the incredible work you have done. Thank you!

  6. BrIan,

    Like you, I love temples! I make temple ornaments, which you can see here:

    I am wondering if I can commission you to render a set of depth images of all of the temples, to be used for a variety of (commercial) art projects.

    I understand that you do not wish to give out your 3d models, but the depth images will allow me to do my art project, while protecting your intellectual property.

    I’m happy to pay an upfront fee for the images, or a royalty on any products developed using them. Whatever you feel more comfortable with.

    I am also happy to discuss more in depth projects that I have in mind.

    Is that a possibility? Please let me know! Thanks!


  7. Your work is astounding! Thank you for your dedication in archiving the history of the temples.

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